Thursday, February 3, 2011

The End of 2010 Shed Some Bright Light on the Market

The market still in flux, especially due to the effects of the end of the stimulus packages, the increase in distressed sales, and the resistance of buyers to act even though prices and interest rates have never been lower! These 2 slides get to the heart of the matter when I am consulting with both buyers and sellers...

We call this the Gameboard Slide - the goal is to get to the Green ($) Square, since that is where you, as a seller, want to be in the shortest amount of time, for the most amount of money that the market will allow. With 91% of properties in 4Q10 needing a price reduction, you can see what happens if you miss the mark (the right price) right off the bat. As home owners, we all feel that our house is the best on the block - you neighbor may be on the market for X, so you feel you should be on the market for $X +$1, right? The truth is, if your neighbor is on the market for $X, they more than likely haven't gotten it right because they haven't reached the Green square since they are STILL ON THE MARKET, so why do you want to be on the market for $X+$1? Take emotion and ego out of the equation and you are left with logic...

This is the American Idol slide - the red lines represent all those homes (folks) that feel they can sing, even if it's only in the shower; they think they are the best on the block. The blue equals the ones that are going to the finals because they can REALLY sing; they won the price war and the beauty contest, and made it to the Green Square. The Green Line represents a stable market - you can see how far we are from having a neutral market in terms of inventory. There are only a few buyers (blue) out there for a ton of houses (red), so it is important for sellers to price themselves right the first time to avoid that price reduction that has hit 91% of the houses listed. How do you as a seller get to the Green $quare - contact me for a free consultation!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Still Not Sure Now is the Time to Buy?

Feel like you missed out on the tax credits? Check out how current prices and interest rates can get you a better 'deal' without losing out!
Prices are no longer going down - they are working their way back up in an effort to get the market to balance itself out. The news won't report that we have reached the bottom of the market 'cause they won't know we've reached the bottom until we have already passed it! Based on the 2nd quarter stats, the Atlanta market looks to have bottomed out in January of 2009.
If you are on the fence about buying, thinking that you will wait until prices go down further, that time may have passed. As the figure says, trying to time the market is just not possible!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Why Are My Property Values Dropping?

Here is a snapshot of the new Real Valuator, which provides invaluable information regrading all the real estate transactions affecting your own personal real estate market. It is based on homes from $50,000 - 2,500,000 with a 1-mile radius of the subject property.

The properties are color coded to reflect Active Listings (Blue), Pre-Foreclosure (Yellow - at least 90 days late), Foreclosures (Red - Have received a Foreclosure letter) Sales (Green - include For Sale by Owner), Bank Owned (Purple), and Gov't Owned (Orange). There is also a report that accompanies the map which details each colored pin, with the recorded history of the property.

Want to see what's happening around your home - contact me for a free no obligation consultation.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The 2Q10 Metro Atlanta Real Estate Stats are Here!

This is what we call the Bubble Chart. It is the finish line for all properties - either they have failed (withdrawn or expired) or sold, either with or without a price reduction. Sellers want the most money in the shortest amount of time on the market time; buyers are looking for a deal. What we want is a win-win for all parties - here is what that win-win looks like!

How we get there is up to you. Feel free to contact me on how to use these facts & stats to meet your real estate goals or if you would like to be added to my eNewsletter.

Until next time - take care!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Latest News on the Metro Atlanta Real Estate Market - 3Q09

It 's the American Idol slide again - The Triers (RED) still think they can sing while the Priced Right (BLUE) are moving on to the next round - the Closing Table! Which are you? Which do you think you are? Where would you like to be?
Shows the effect of of Foreclosure sales on median sales prices. As # of foreclosed sales (red trend line) has increased, the median sales price (gold trend line) of NON-FORECLOSED properties has declined.

Properties that have not sold (Yellow & Purple) continue to be listed at prices that Buyers are rejecting

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It's Time to Get Off the Fence!

There has never been a better time to buy a new home - not since the 1930's! Take advantage of low interest rates, competitive pricing, and high inventory and find that home you have always wanted. Contact me to find out how!